Survey Programming

At Impetus Research, we offer several online survey programming services to our clients led by a team of highly skilled professionals with extensive experience in the industry. Our online survey programming services serve its global clientele with complicated, multi-faceted and multilingual survey programming requirements. Our team is proficient with open end coding, scripting, online panel managements and programming surveys in Flash among others. Our team online survey programming services ensure the engagement of a respondent. We specialise in providing quality services directed towards exact client requirements.

Some of the services we provide under online survey programming are stated below:

  • Scripting – Survey scripting is a discipline that involves ideas regarding, how to ask and propose questions to the respondents in an unbiased manner so that one can obtain reliable data to evaluate. Our team is well trained and experienced in performing scripting services.
  • Questionnaire translations – It is necessary to carry out translations in cross-national and cross-lingual survey research for one or more target population. Impetus Research provides refined multi-lingual questionnaire translations.
  • Flash Programming & Integration – Our team carries an extensive knowledge and expertise in embedding flash tools and performing their integration into survey programming.
  • Online panel management – It is a system that evaluates impact, cause and effect of a specific subject on a target group while managing the constant spread of panel management.
  • Open End Coding – It involves the coding of market research responses. It categorises unbiased verbatim responses and preparation of the listings, code frames, verbatim typing, and verbatim coding by the coding team.
  • Data Processing, Analysis & Tabulations – This is a set of tools and services offered to support processing of data, its evaluation and then presenting it in a tabular form for the clients.

Some of our other survey programming services include the following:

  • Business & Secondary Research – Impetus takes pride in a team of well-trained specialists in secondary research services. The major secondary research services we provide include Competitive Intelligence Research, Database Creation & Validation, Web Crawling and Literature Search & Synthesis.
  • Feasibility Studies – Impetus Research also delivers business assessment services to organisations in order to evaluate the practicality of a proposed business plan or strategy. We offer viability/project feasibility assessment services.

Our highly experienced professionals boast of their multi-dimensional research perspective and are well familiarised with the following types of studies:

  • Complex Conjoint with multiple scenarios
  • Card sort exercise
  • Max-Diff Exercise
  • Shopping Cart and Online Simulators
  • Media monitoring
  • Drag & drop exercise

The industrial sectors where we have successfully delivered ouronline survey programming services spans the following:

  • Consumer Durables
  • FMCG
  • Education
  • IT & Telecom
  • Personal Care & Hygiene
  • Travel
  • Healthcare & Pharmaceutical

Impetus Research pioneers in offering superior online survey programming servicesto our clients as per their requirements across the world.