Quantitative Research

Quantitative market research is one of the important techniques used by an organisation in order to frame marketing and sales strategies for any product or service.

Key Benefits of Quantitative Research

  • It aims to provide hard facts and statistical data in a structured way.
  • In quantitative marketing research, the data is expressed in numerical terms to convey the opinion, attitude and preferences on a subject.
  • The quantified data makes it easier to interpret and compare data for a quicker and effortless understanding.
  • Quantitative data collection usually includes customer surveys and questionnaires conducted face-to-face, through post or email, over a telephone, or online.

An analysis of quantitative data can help to recognize the market for a particular product or service and obtain valuable information related it. For instance, the number of people interested in buying a particular product or service, the target group of customer, their buying habits etc., which tends to be deciding factors in formulating a marketing strategy.

At Impetus, our quantitative data collection and analysis services comprise multi-mode data collection methodologies including:

CATI Data Collection – It is a telephonic surveying method which is used toaccess hard-to-reach target audiences, like B2B, that may not wish to participate in online surveys.This technique is carried out over a telephone call in which the interviewer is directed by a script provided by a software application.

Online Data Collection – Today the online data collection techniques are popular and stronger than ever. It includes a collection of quantitative data through web surveys and questionnaires. It is a preferred technique to gather information from a large group of people in less time from any location.

CAPI/PAPI Face to Face Data collection – CAPI software (computer assisted personal interviewing) involve face-to-face surveys using mobile devices such as laptops, iPads, and XDAs. CAPI continuously uploads these surveys, saving time and cost on printing. It can also record video footage. PAPI is advantageous, as its results are objective and can be easily generalized (if a representative sample is used).

Other important data collection techniques used in analyzing quantitative data which include Clinics and CLTs, Product Placements, Sensory Tests, Store Audits, Mystery Shopping among other services.

Other services provided by Impetus in Quantitative Research

Another aspect of quantitative research in marketing is understanding the importance of interpretation and utilization of the data collected through various techniques. Thus, at Impetus, we also offer stand-alone facilities to organisations to help them to obtain better business solutions. Some of these facilities include:

  • Data Processing
  • Development of Focus Group Recruitment screener questionnaires
  • Questionnaire Translation services
  • Reporting
  • Respondent recruitment for online surveys / CLTs
  • Data Analysis
  • Development of Questionnaires
  • Survey Audits – back checks for data collection done by any other agency

Impetus provides you quality services to conduct quantitative research in marketing, driven by a team of proficient and skilled professionals.