Market Research Online

Impetus research provides matchless marketing research servicesto its clients who are spread all over the world. Especially, our excellent online marketing research services, that have made us a pioneer in the business research industry today.

Marketing research services are very useful in creating productive and informed marketing and distribution strategies for a particular set of products or services. This strategy helps the organisations in many ways like-

  • Locate their target market
  • Demand of their products/services
  • Create a base for taking informed decisions.

At Impetus, we offer a wide variety of standalone services in addition to the regularqualitative and quantitative marketing research servicesincludingonline survey programming services, feasibility studies, data collection services, online panel management, and secondary research services. Our other services include:

  • Data Processing
  • Reporting
  • Data Analysis
  • Development of Focus Group Recruitment screener questionnaires
  • Respondent recruitment for online surveys / CLT’s
  • Development of Questionnaires
  • Questionnaire Translation services
  • Survey Audits – Back checks for data collection done by any other agency

With the growth in popularity of online marketing research servicesin the recent years, we have developed and modified our techniques and professionals to match its qualityin order to deliver modernised quality services to our clients. Online market research can be called an enhanced version of the traditional research services, because of the advantages of online surveys over traditional surveys. Today internet is the easiest and alsoa preferable method of conducting market research. Online survey is a cost effective and less time-consuming way to collecting data. It also gives access to a wide variety of facts and figures than traditional methods. For businesses that run online, it is absolutely necessary to conduct online surveys.

The most common and popular methods used for marketing research includes

  • Direct Observation
  • Focus Group Discussions
  • Game
  • Role Play & Simulation
  • Friendship Pairs
  • In-Depth Interviews Including Telephonic, Online And Face To Face Interviews
  • Ethnography Studies.

These techniques are used by both well-established and new start-up ventures for formulating marketing and distribution strategies.

Impetus is packed with goal-oriented individuals, who have successfully served clients all over the world. Our experience, quality and dedication is our forte in the industry that gives us an edge over our competitors. Impetus research, has until this time successfully accomplished many dreams, from start-ups and business expansions to refurbishing marketing and distribution strategies of many organisations for a profitable business plan. Our services have served several sectors of the industry spanning

  • FMCG
  • Personal Care & Hygiene
  • IT & Telecom
  • Consumer Durables
  • Education
  • Travel
  • Healthcare & Pharmaceutical.