An introduction to qualitative research

Qualitative Market Research: Services provided by Impetus Research under Data Collection, Analysis & Processing

Impetus Research has earned a noteworthy position in the world of qualitative market research across the world with our excellent services. We at Impetus, take pride in our highly skilled team of experienced Observation Specialists, Recruiters, Mystery Shoppers, In-depth Interviewers and Moderators who are acquainted with conducting a complex, sensitive and elaborate qualitative research. Qualitative research marketing is directed towards those marketing strategies that need an in-depth analysis of the product or service.
The conclusion derived from a qualitative market research is not meant for general understanding of the population of interest. However, it is used to create a profound base for further decisions in business. Impetus Research offers multifarious qualitative marketing research services that mainly involve structured and semi-structured techniques. Some of our qualitative data processing techniques comprise:

  • Focus group discussions
  • Direct observations
  • F2F, Diads, One’o’Ones, and Triad interviews
  • Game, role-play & simulation
  • Ethnography studies
  • Telephonic in-depth interviews
  • Friendship pairs
  • Impetus Research is a leading qualitative market research company in India that serves its clients across the globe with the above services as core functions. These services are a very crucial feature of any qualitative data collection and analysis process and Impetus is among the top companies who offer these services. Apart from these services, we also provide a plethora of additional services to our clients to help them in creating better marketing campaigns and perform better function overall.
    A qualitative research data collection is a very complex process because it needs an in-depth analysis of a particular product or service. For instance, attitudes, behaviour, opinions, attributes concerned with a particular product or service. The main objective of the qualitative research data analysis is thus to explore every layer and all the dynamics related to a certain issue.

    The general procedure of conducting any qualitative market research involves many stages. At the outset, the questions are structured according to the type of technique used and then the objectives are decided upon. The next process involves the planning of research design and then selection of data collection techniques. The sample design produced is now used to collect data. The last phase of the research includes the thorough analysis of collected data that is used to file the report or present conclusion of the research to the client. Impetus Research makes sure that ever tiny step involved in this process is carried out very carefully by our goal oriented experts in the given time.